Selling your home doesn’t have to be a painstaking experience. By finding the right real estate agent, the process can be as smooth. Before you commit to working with anyone, you need to get a few key questions answered.  Your agent’s knowledge of the area and marketing expertise are the factors that will get your home sold quickly and at the price you are looking for. Your transaction is too important to work with the first real estate agent you talk to. Prior to choosing your real estate agent, you need have these four questions answered first.

  • “What list price are you considering?”  Everything in the transaction starts with the list price. As a seller it is common for you to hold your property in higher regard than the rest of the market. You have most likely built memories and spent years in the property. You may have made some improvements and want to list well above the true market value. If you and your real estate agent are not on the same page regarding the price the rest of the transaction will be a rocky road. A good real estate will have multiple comparable listings and sales to use as a guide. By listing too high you lose any chance for the property to gain momentum. Ultimately it is up to you to decide where you want to list but whatever it is you and your real estate agent need to be on the same page.
  • “How do you plan to market the property?”  A well-priced property in a good location does a pretty good job of marketing itself but even that is not enough. The right real estate agent understands the best ways to generate interest given the location, market and property type. They will tell you how they plan to photograph the house and if they think a video may be more productive. They will show you any websites the listing may be on and even the daily traffic of those sites. They will tell you if they advertise in the newspaper or any local publication. Good marketing can separate two similar real estate agents in an area. Make sure you know when and how your property plans to be marketed.
  • “What is your plan for open houses?”  The most common way to give your new listing a jump-start is by having an open house. The open house is a chance to get all interested buyers and real estate agents into the property at once. For some real estate agents open houses are a staple in their sales plan.  Others aren’t as convinced and only do open houses if asked. You should never assume that your real estate agent will do regular open houses. Not only do you need to know their stance but how often they plan on doing them.
  • “What is my role in the transaction?”  A good real estate agent will clearly define their expectations before working with any seller. You need to know when showings will be scheduled and how much notice you will be given. You should have some idea of what you can do to expedite the sales process. This could mean leaving the house for every showing or making small changes in the property presentation. You should know how much communication you will have with your agent and in which manner works best. For your part you should make it clear what your bottom line is and in what timeline you want this to happen. Before your home is listed there should be no question you need answered.

When you find the right real estate agent everything seems to go more smoothly.  Always get answers to these four important questions before listing your home.

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